Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to Debt Suspension Rights blog.

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between Debt Suspension and Debt Forgiveness. Debt Suspension IS NOT Debt Forgiveness. 

Debt Suspension simply protects consumers from default by giving them more time to get back on their feet as a result of a legitimate and unexpected life changing event. Debt Suspension suspends interest rate charges, penalties and fees on existing credit card and student loans so that every payment that is made actually reduces the debt owed by the same amount as the payment being made.

Debt Suspension should be allowed to anyone that wants to pay down their debt load and could if the interest rates, penalties and fees were waived.

Debt Suspension Rights DOES NOT advocate running up larger amounts of new debt while old debt is being paid down without interest rate charges, penalties and fees.

Debt Suspension Rights is simply a method that allows people to pay down their debts who otherwise would never see their debt load reduce because of the ongoing interest rate charges, penalties and fees being charged on their credit card and student loan debts.

Please SIGN the Debt Neutrality Petition if you agree.

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