Thursday, May 9, 2013

Awesome "Googlewhack" quote by Anthony Clark..."Bullies don’t win fights; they win defaults".

I saw an Anthony Clark article about Darryl Issa in Salon Magazine and found a particularly intriguing quote..."Bullies don’t win fights; they win defaults". I googled the phrase (in quotes of course), and only Anthony Clark's entry came up, making it a googlewhack!

Although now that I am writing and re-quoting his phrase, it won't necessarily be a googlewhack anymore, but that is a good thing. Some GoogleWhack's need to sprout wings and legs and travel into the minds of others for contemplation.

"Bullies don’t win fights; they win defaults", and that explains how main street is being screwed over by Wall Street, the banks, and politicians too afraid to say and or do something about it.

We still have no debt suspension rights of any kind in the United States, unless one is wall street or the big banks and they need a bailout.

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