Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We must define what we mean by affordable | Irish Examiner, Irish examiner responding to Debt Suspension Rights prior article?

I am glad to see that the Irish Examiner is at least exploring and "examining" the issue of strategic default. However, when do they get to the discussion of debt suspension rights and the insidiousness of 2% monthly minimum credit card payments? (they should be at least 5%, not 2%) And when do we begin to discuss the over charging of credit card debt suspension insurance by as much as 2000%?

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to comment that I can see. If I had been allowed to comment, I would have mentioned that mortgage debt is not necessarily the debt that causes mortgage defaults to occur. Credit Card debts, because they have a super low monthly minimum payment, slowly entrap and engulf people into more and more debt, and that was not mentioned in the article. "Debt Suspension Rights".

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