Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Real Estate Post wants all debtors to keep their word, but their hearts go out to the flood victims in Colorado.

It didn't take very long for Brian Stevens of Frank and Brian Real Estate Fame to show confusion over the issue of credit card debt and mortgage defaults. Below their daily videos Mr. Stevens has written some consumer debt related hyperbolic doozies. Every quote below does NOT come from their videos, but rather the  commentary BELOW the daily video. 

What I am saying is that if you break what should be a sacred bond, your word, then you should feel pain, and that pain should help outline your choices in the future...
lol, If it were a sacred bond, it would occur in a courtroom in front of a judge, or in a church in front of the justice of the peace. And in both scenarios many of the fine print gotchas that are presently hidden from the consumer would be revealed. and if that were done, Credit Card companies would have half the business they presently have, and a lot less defaults as well.  
So just who is it that wants the defaults? Apparently the credit card companies do because that is where they can really score big with penalties, fees, higher interest rate charges and FUTURE PROFITS based on POORER future credit scores.
Nice to know that Mr. Stevens thinks you, the consumer, should feel unending, unmonitored pain, doled about by the same people that have scammed the system with adhesion contracts that conveniently hide many fallow credit card policies that would be deal breakers if only the debtor knew at the time they signed up..

....The idea of creating an agency (CFPB) that allows you to be wishey washy at best with your word undermines the fabric of America. And yes, it’s not just the “dealing with debt collectors” crap, it’s the crazy lawsuits, it’s the “you’ve been harmed by your mortgage” crap (when you signed the note), it’s the witch hunt mentality against an industry that lends TRILLIONS per year.... 

It shocks me how naive Mr. Stevens can be. The CFPB's job is to look busy while NOT FIXING the underlying causes of economic theft from main street by the wealthy elite. Yes, there are UNFAIR credit card policy issues that have NOTHING TO DO with what the CFPB is enforcing. For starters, STRATEGIC credit card DEFAULTERS are treated BETTER than INVOLUNTARY credit card DEFAULTERS in virtually all instances.

 ....We as individuals need to spit on our hand and shake it with our neighbor and promise to be accountable for our actions because at the end of the day, that is all we have; our name, our bond, our promise.... 
The statement up above sounds like it came right out of the mouth of Jim from the CBS show "Under the Dome". At the end of the day we have the life that we have lived, the family that spawned us, and hopefully some friends outside of the family that we treat like family. What we can have above and beyond the "Jim" statement up above is our belief in fairness. if we believe in fairness, many of our economic issues begin to subside.
 ....If you think I’m lying, talk to pretty much anyone in the middle of our country, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska, The Dakotas, and a few more; they know exactly what I’m talking about....
Hey, lets ask the flood victims in Colorado if they are going to be keeping their "word, their bond, their promise". Lets ask the credit card companies if losing one's home in a flood, being injured by the flood, having no power to get work done, losing a loved one, losing one's place of work to the flood, are reasons to SUSPEND A  CREDIT CARD DEBT. The answer is, NO, those are not excuses. Except that they ARE excuses to everyone on the planet except the very entities that Mr. Stevens apparently loves to defend.
Wow, just wow. Debt Suspension Rights has outlined several issues in which there presently are NO consumer rights, and having commented on National Real Estate Post in the past, Mr. Stevens could have easily read them. Clearly, he disagrees with the agenda of Debt Suspension Rights for Consumers. 
For those who are interested, please read the Charlie Engle story, about an ultra long distance runner who was incarcerated for allegedly lying about his income so that he could get some home equity out of his home while he trained. The IRS actually had an agent pose as a woman interested in Charlie so that they could record incriminating remarks he made. The irony being that what guy hasn't bragged / embellished something he has done in the past when telling a women about it?
....Our hearts go out to the people of Colorado who are affected by the floods they’re having right now. If you want to help you can do so by We have a lot of friends out there and we hope you’re all okay. The level of devastation is at a Katrina level in Colorado and we at the National Real Estate Post have....
And there it is, the shoe polish on the worn out, stinky shoe, speal. 
Hey, "your word is your bond", and hey, "you should feel pain" (for defaulting on your credit card and mortgage debts), yet Mr. Steven's heart goes out to the victims of the Colorado flood who will soon be joining the line of "you should feel pain, your word is your bond" miscreants.
 Just amazing.
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